Preferred Plus Savings Account

Whether you need to put away money for a rainy day or you want to save up for your dream car,
Bank of Lexington has the right account for you. With access to Online and Mobile Banking,
saving can be easier than you think.


Choice Savings

Tis the season to be saving…….

Are you saving for the Holiday season? Or a much needed vacation? Or even to pay taxes? Bank of
Lexington’s Choice Savings Account might just help you reach the goal you want to meet. On October 31st
of each year, Bank of Lexington will take all the funds in the account (including accrued interest) and send
them to you in the form of a check. So once the Holidays roll around, or it is the time to take a vacation,
or you want to get a head start on your taxes, you’ll be glad the “choice” was yours to save.

The choice can be yours:


Money Market

Investing money in the stock market seems too risky nowadays, but with Bank of Lexington’s money market
account, you will find there is no risk at all. Earn a better interest rate on your savings, with easy access to your
funds. Interest rates are tiered, the higher your balance the more you can earn. With the benefit of having access
to the funds at anytime, you are sure to be getting the best deal around town. So instead of investing in the
stock market, invest in BOL’s money market.