System Conversion – Frequently Asked Questions

Bank of Lexington is committed to providing the best in products and services to its customers. With this in mind, we are upgrading our technology and digital banking delivery platform in a major way in just a few weeks. Beginning September 3rd you will experience enhancements to the online and mobile banking platforms and extended cutoff times for same-day processing!

Most changes will occur internally at the bank. However, during our conversion period August 30th to September 3rd 2018 there will be some disruption in the services we offer to you. This page has been created to help make the transition as smooth as possible and to cover what we hope would be any and all questions that you may have during this process.



Your personal financial information is secure. We have taken measures to ensure it is secure through the conversion process.

Thanks for being our customer! We appreciate your business greatly and will continue to do so. The conversion and upgrade of this service is our proof to you and our commitment that you matter to us. In advance, please accept our apology for any inconvenience this may cause you over our conversion period.